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What we offer

Ready made solution which is Battle-tested, Resilient and based out of Open Source.

Kubernetes based Container Management

We specialize in creating resilient and scalable CloudNative infrastructure using flavours of Kubernetes

Expert in EKS / GKE / AKS

Modern CI / CD

We will streamline your Development Workflow for modern Applications.

Expert in CircleCI / Github Actions / Jenkins

Observability & Centralised Logging

We provide you real-time visibility into your system and its performance.

Expert in Prometheus / ELK / Datadog / Papertrail

Compliance & Security

Our robust compliance and security features ensure your data is safeguarded and operations meet the highest Industry standards.

Expert in SOC2 / Hipaa / PCI-DSS / GDPR

Capacity Estimations

Monitor your cloud cost efficiently. We can predict resource requirements avoiding bottlenecks or underutilizing the systems.

Avoid Surprises.

Maintenance & Upgrades

Our commitment to your success doesn't stop just after setting things up.

We ensure your software is up to date for seamless operations and ongoing growth.

See what our clients say about us,

"Has been an indispensable asset to our organization. Their technical expertise, problem-solving skills, and collaborative nature have played a pivotal role in our success"

Curt Lefebvre

CEO at nDimensional


"Demonstrated unwavering professionalism, clear communication, and a results-oriented mindset. I wholeheartedly recommend EzyInfra team of the highest caliber"

Karthikeyan Ng

CTO at Tax Nodes


"Their contributions have significantly enhanced our software development and deployment processes, and their commitment to streamlining our operations has had a profound impact on our organization efficiency and success"


CEO at Finin


Meet the team behind Ezy Infra

We're more than just a team. We're a family of passionate professionals dedicated to making your dreams a reality.

Prasanna V

Passionate about DevOps, Infrastructure as Code. 14+ years of experience working with Thoughtworks, Oracle, Toptal

Sankar Parameswaran

Security Specialist. Passionate about FinOps & Cost Optimisation. Headed Infra team at GoJEK, Thoughtworks


Hyperfocused, Sincere and goto Engineer for DevOps queries. Headed DevOps team at Microsoft, Thoughtworks, Toptal.

How does it work?

This is our proven method to make sure you are successful.


Inception and Discovery

Identify your needs. Recommend best Tools & Technology


Timelines and Budget

Based on Customisations & Tools choice, we propose the budget for Setup, your Cloud Cost and Timelines.


Setup Productised Solution

Based on our discussions, we setup the right tools for your Infrastructure.


Additional Customsations

All the additional changes and Technology choices will be implemented.


Support Options

EzyInfra can support your Infra at very low cost [or] We can give Knowledge Transfer to your team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have more questions? Please feel free to talk to us.

Will EzyInfra fit within my startup's budget?

Absolutely! EzyInfra is designed with cost optimization in mind, catering specifically to startups like yours with limited funds. Our transparent pricing and flexible packages ensure affordability without compromising quality.

Can EzyInfra integrate smoothly with our existing systems?

Yes, integration is our forte. EzyInfra is built to seamlessly integrate with your current systems and processes, minimizing disruption and maximizing efficiency. Our team will work closely with you to ensure a smooth transition.

What kind of support can I expect from EzyInfra?

Our dedicated support team is here to assist you every step of the way, from implementation to ongoing maintenance. Whether you encounter issues or need guidance, Rest assured, we've got your back.

How quickly can I get started with EzyInfra?

Getting started with EzyInfra is quick and easy. Our solution depends on popular Opensource tools and pre-defined templates. This allows us to quickly provision your Infrastructure which is resilient, cost effective and fully automated. We are just 1 call away to get started.

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